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Brand Values

A brand created for Individuals who have a positive mindset and outlook on life, who feel empowered, positive, and inspired by wearing or gifting the happiness by charis brand. 

Brand Values Be Happy- A brand that invokes a feeling of ‘happiness’

Love- A brand that I started as a tribute to my mother who inspired me to always be me. Those who love you, will love you for you. Embrace Diversity ‘I see love’, I see you. 

Stronger - A brand to empower others, to never give up – Even in our sadness you can inspire others to be ‘Stronger’.

Empower – A brand created after my mother with the intention to ‘empower’ others by ‘Feeling Savage.’

Positive - A brand that aligns with your daily affirmation in a fun, positive, and inspiring way. ‘Positive Vibes Only’ 

Be Proud – A brand to create a sense of pride, happiness and wellbeing whilst wearing or gifting the happiness by charis brand. 

Uplifting – A clothing brand that is uplifting and helps you to connect to your ‘happy’ tribe. 

Ethical - To create a brand that works with suppliers who practice ethical and fair labour practices. 

Environmental- As Happiness by Charis emits happiness, we also want to ensure we are kind and loving to the planet by working with our suppliers to create a sustainable brand, by using sustainable and recyclable materials and print on demand service.  

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