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Brand Values

A brand created for Individuals who have a positive mindset and outlook on life, who feel empowered, positive, and inspired by wearing or gifting the happiness by charis brand. 


Happinessbycharis Brand 

Autistic Creator, Artist & Writer 

I create Diverse Streetwear, Art and Books to invoke a sense of happiness.  A brand that has a positive message and embraces diversity. 


My Story…


My mum was my first best friend in life and was a happy and kind lady who showed me to always be me. Those who love you will love you for who you are. 


Happinessbycharis is dedicated to her and my family and is a representation of everything she empowered me to be. Kind, loving, fun, positive, and strong. 



Charis x

Brand Values Be Happy- A brand that invokes a feeling of ‘happiness’

Love- A brand that I started as a tribute to my mother who inspired me to always be me. Those who love you, will love you for you. Embrace Diversity ‘I see love’, I see you. 

Stronger - A brand to empower others, to never give up – Every day you can inspire others to be ‘Stronger’.

Empower – A brand created after my mother with the intention to ‘empower’ others by ‘Feeling Savage.’

Positive - A brand that aligns with your daily affirmation in a fun, positive, and inspiring way. ‘Positive Vibes Only’ 

Be Proud – A brand to create a sense of pride, happiness and wellbeing whilst wearing or gifting the happiness by charis brand. 

Uplifting – A clothing brand that is uplifting and helps you to connect to your ‘happy’ tribe. 

Ethical - To create a brand that works with suppliers who practice ethical and fair labour practices. 

Environmental- As Happiness by Charis emits happiness, we also want to ensure we are kind and loving to the planet by working with our suppliers to create a sustainable brand, by using sustainable and recyclable materials and print on demand service.  

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