You are your own Superpower

There are those who do not believe in the idea that thinking about something does not turn it into reality. Manifestation. I disagree, that is how everything on this planet begins, from a single idea. Our thoughts are powerful, it is how we use them that can alter and shape our own destiny.

Yes, I agree our thoughts alone need assistance but that alone comes from your own mind. Every single day we manifest a thought into reality. Every action, plan, goal, conversation, and interaction require a thought process to achieve it and every action has a set of steps to create it.

That is manifestation.

What makes our interpretations different is that we are all unique. We all have different ideas, different ambitions, and dreams and why each manifestation is unique to you as it starts from within you.

When we put it into context into our everyday lives each of us has desires, a vision, or a goal that we would like to turn into reality. Manifesting is believing in this goal so much that you can see it, touch it, and visualize it before it even happens. What happens in between is how you get there. How you get from A to B is a process and that process is your manifestation taking shape. You are turning your thought into reality.

If you really want something in life you will work hard to achieve it. Do this every single day of your life then you increase the number of opportunities to get there.

Repetition of thought leads to repetition of action.

As humans we are more capable of greatness than we care to believe. We all have a gift, a talent, and our own superpower. Every positive thought you create about yourself leads to a positive action and those actions are what could change your life forever. By believing in your own abilities, you are creating opportunities in the universe for your manifestation to happen. To open doors, to meet new people, to create new relationships and to grow. You have this superpower.

The human brain is powerful. It is true “what you think you become” What you consume you believe. So why don’t you believe in you?

If you do not, then you are working against your own thought process. You are creating your own negative energy. Use this energy as your guide. It is reminding you and nudging you that you are going in the wrong direction. When you feel stuck ask yourself why? Why do you want to get out of bed in the morning? Sometimes we just need reminded and to change that little negative cycle and those little doubts of self-belief. Keep manifesting good thoughts.

To get what you want in life does not require a superhero. Just you. Everything you need to get you there already exists in you.

You are your own superpower, you just need to work on using it.

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