Who Art Thou?

Interpretation of Art, how does one define something that not only creates a feeling but can relate to many different objects both tangible and intangible. When you think of Art it can be different for everyone and that is what I absolutely love about it. It is subjective. Subjective to the creator and subjective to the buyer or collector. The arts are steeped in beauty, history and is a tool widely used for expression and diversity.

The generalization of Art is mainly in terms of paintings and traditional art, but the art world is vast with so many wonderful and talented individuals. Art is best described as the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination which is then appreciated in the form of ‘beauty of the beholder’.

Each of us appreciates Art in our own individual ways, different formats, and objects and why it is subjective as what you like I may not like and vice versa and is often what determines the value of a piece of art. Art is not only visual but emotional and is a powerful tool globally when used to voice a message or story. Any artist will tell you when they create a piece of art, they are telling you a story, that is what creates the connection, that is what creates the emotion.

Connection can be in the form of Swan lake at the Royal Opera House, A song by a musician, photographer on a fashion shoot, a designer creating a new pair of sneakers or your new favourite lipstick by Dior. This is art. Not just your favourite painting by Damien Hurst but what you experience daily that make you, the consumer feel good.

Covid 19 has had a massive impact on the Arts world, Theatres, galleries, and Stadiums have remained closed but the love of art has continued and with that love has grown an opportunity. Technology has enabled the art world to pivot into the digital world. Welcome to the new era of NFT’s.

You may have seen or heard of the expression NFT over the last few weeks. With headlines mainly being around the financial impact they are having on artists, musicians, and writers. For those of you who have not heard what an NFT is (Non fungible token) it gives artist an opportunity to own their Intellectual Property without having to go through an agent. This in short terms means as an artist they can earn more as they sell directly to the consumer, buyer, or collector. This is made possible by selling on the ethereum block chain.

As the artist creating a NFT your artwork is given a unique set of digits - these digits are what make the artwork traceable to you and only you and those tokens (NFT’s) are what make the digital art lucrative for the collector as they become the owner of those digital objects, (Art).

Most recently Kings of Leon released their latest album ‘When you see yourself’ as an NFT following in the heels of Grimes who generated 6 million in digital art. With new technology there lays an opportunity, and many artists are quickly learning the process and enjoying the benefits of the block chain. Each time an artist’s work is sold they are entitled to royalties of approximately 10%. Royalties that will go directly to them. Hence why those little digits attached to their work is ground-breaking.

If you appreciate art, you are an artist or you simply love to enjoy, then exploring NFT is a must.

For when you love art, you love life, that story, that connection and passion. You find beauty in creation and imagination.

You are art, who art thou?

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