The Buck Starts with You

Updated: Feb 25

If you asked someone what their flaws or negatives were about themselves would they be able to answer truthfully? As a society we are often very quick to judge ourselves negatively. This often comes from outside influences and how others perceive us. As disappointing as it is true, we live in a world where people are quick to judge and would rather see someone fail than to cheer them on and to see another human suffer than to help.

If you asked every single person who lives on this planet one thing, they did not like about themselves they would all give you a different answer. Every supermodel, footballer, artist, they would all give you at least one thing.

We, after all are human and no human is perfect.

Now ask the same question but what do you love about yourself?

How many times have you been at an interview and been asked to say what you are good at? Some find this question a little intimidating, like it is a trick question when it is one of the easiest questions to answer. We all know our strengths but many of us fail to recognise or to embrace them.

Self-awareness is about recognising your flaws but being comfortable with them or willing to improve them but also recognising what is good about you. For every negative you see in yourself, you must also see a positive too. We get so focused on what we are not good at that we forget to embrace the things that we are.

“You do not need anybody to tell you who you are or what you are. You are what you are.” John Lennon

During school and later in adult life I have discovered that anything that I did not enjoy or want to learn I did not excel in. My concentration was limited and therefore my learning was limited. I found that if I applied an element of what I loved to do then I would enjoy it much better and the end results would be much better too.

If you do not like the gym then find a sport that you love, if you get bored at your work then find something that ignites your soul and excites you. Life really is simple but as humans we tend to over complicate it. When you take time to discover what you really like about everyday life, your own life becomes much simpler. You do not eat food you do not like so why build a life around something you do not like either?

“Self-awareness happens when we become aware of other people, things and places around us and how we are all connected.” Toni Sorenson

For when you are self-aware you are happier, because the first person you are aware of is you. You have an appreciation of what you love and can also appreciate that in others. You embrace your flaws and focus on the good and you recognise that despite our differences as humans we all feel the same.

Rather than judging, you understand. Rather than talking, you listen. Rather than turning the other way, you help.

If I had a dime when someone told me. “The buck starts with you.”

For to love another human that love must start with you.

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