The Beauty of a Word

We often underestimate just how powerful a word can be. Words can, have and will touch your soul. They create an imprint from a young age and shape how you view and see the world. They leave a lasting impression. That is the beauty of a word.

We often say knowledge is power, but what is knowledge? Knowledge is the understanding of words. Words that can change the destiny of man, how we perceive and use those words is true knowledge. Over time so many people have dedicated their life through the power of words for the betterment of humankind, to do good. To help heal the sick, to educate, and to understand one another. That is the beauty of a word.

When we speak our words can motivate and why there are so many great motivational speakers in the world. They can lift the human spirit and connect on a different level. Many great leaders not only talk but inspire. To inspire another human is a gift. To inspire is to create. To bring life into another soul and to make them believe to believe in their own abilities and greatness. That is the beauty of a word.

When we write our words invoke the imagination. Those words transform and give us belief, they create emotion and bring joy. There are so many great books. That is the power of a book the words are everlasting. They can help form our futures, turn men into leaders and help shape future generations. That is the beauty of a word.

A single word spoke in the right context and with good intention can help transform another person’s life. There are many wonderful things we can do in this world but having an impact on a human’s life for the better is priceless. Encouragement is a profound and beautiful word. It can transform a person’s mind from despair into hope. It can remind those in need of their strength and endurance to keep going and to not give up. To see the beauty inside they have forgotten exists and to know there is kindness in the world. That is the beauty of a word.

Over the last 6 weeks I have spent many days on Clubhouse listening to different speakers from all over the world. Why do I dedicate so much of my day to this app? There are so many talented and genuine people on clubhouse and there is a reason these people are the best at what they do, and it is evident why. They care, they care in the way they talk, they care about what they do, and they care about you. Clubhouse has been an opportunity to share, to share in their wisdom, to share in their knowledge and to create relationships. So as someone who is growing and wanting to learn I find value in their words. An appreciation of what they do. That is the beauty of a word.

There are many times throughout our lives we have shared moments of happiness and joy. Words gently spoken in kindness, a warm-hearted laughter, and a thoughtful conversation. Words that make us connect and to feel love. That is the power of a word. To be able to unite.

Never underestimate the power or the beauty of a word. Your words are knowledge, your words shape a vision, and your words can make a difference. That is the beauty of a word.

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