Style Your Beats

Music has such impact on everything we do daily that we often forget just how much until someone reminds us. The biggest impact music has on us is it creates a feeling, an emotion. Something used to energize, to sooth, or to relax depending on our mood but music can also impact our thoughts and our style.

As a creative, our minds are constantly searching, constantly questioning, and constantly watching. Waiting for that next spark or surge of inspiration. Everything we see or do, or touch has been created from an initial spark, a spark which leads to an idea, that leads to a creation. Everyday our minds are filled with an abundance of information, images and sound that translates into feeling and why so many people have a strong relationship with music.

Have you ever thought about what you are wearing has steamed from a source of music? Large fashion brands work closely with musicians and artists to create their own unique image and to influence. To influence you. Being an 80’s child I have strong visions of big hair, hairspray and a love for iconic bands. Growing up fashion was often dictated by the latest music trend or emerging artist. The UK especially, style was heavily influenced by music. Styles were different and unique depending on the artist or type of music that you followed. When you think of Rock, pop, Indie, punk, or rave you instantly think of a style and an association with clothing that fits the genre and specific to the artist.

“I think that fashion and music go hand-in-hand, and they always should. It’s the artist’s job to create imagery that matches the music. I think they’re very intertwined.” Lady Gaga

Music was heavily influenced by fashion and by artists. Pink Floyd's album cover along with many other iconic bands were something special. That piece of art connected you to the band and told a story. It grabbed your attention. It sparked an emotion and that is what you remember and why even to this day they are seen as valuable and special. Growing up I am sure you all have a musician that influenced your sense of style. That is the power of music and suggestion. It could be a pair of sunglasses worn by Debbie Harry or a T Shirt by the Rolling Stones with the lips and tongue. These fashion items connected you and you instantly recognize the artist from the style or item of clothing. Clever marketing and branding to create art that complimented the artist while capturing the attention of the consumer.

Today with the explosion of NFT's and creators being at the forefront of design, the fashion and music world combined will become even bigger. The opportunities are vast and endless for collaborations, new ideas and concepts. Imagination has no limits and creativity has no boundaries. We should expect to see some unique and wonderful projects that capture the very essence of what music and fashion are meant to do. To make you feel good. To take you on a journey and for you to question why you style your beats?

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