Style This Way

When you think about your image what factors influence how you dress? What makes you wear what you do. How you apply your make up or the style of your hair. Image is something that is personal to us all and how we can express our own individuality.

Our lifestyle has an impact on how we dress. Who you work for or what you do as a profession can sometimes dictate what you must wear? I have worked in the hospitality industry for an exceptionally long time and like many other industries image plays a vital role in the service you provide.

The high-end industry, whether that be restaurants, fashion, jewellery is about creating an image. It is about luxury and what you wear and how you present yourself represents the brand or business you are wearing is trying to create. You are part of their brand story, their values, and their image.

That is what fashion and style is about, image and feeling. It is about trust.

As a consumer that is why you buy a brand for feeling, and our senses are what create that feeling. When a particular brand or product makes you feel good, and you have a positive experience you tend to re-buy that brand and remain loyal to them. I am sure you have something in your wardrobe from a brand which you have had for a long time. That brand has gained your trust and when you buy it you know what to expect and its purpose.

There are many reasons we decide to ‘style this way’ fashion designers, Influencers, artists, and musicians all can influence a certain style or trend but ultimately it is about how it makes you feel.

We all like to feel nice, its human nature. Having these expensive clothes or designer brands might make you feel better, but they certainly do not define who you are as a person. Having a certain type of clothing or branding can often be about ego, pressure from society and conformity as to what you should be wearing to ‘fit in.’ This perception is only relevant and acceptable if you allow it to be. What you wear does not make you any more important than the person standing beside you. You do not become a better human by the clothes you have on. I have met millionaires who to look at you would not have known, while I have seen others who have nothing dressed head to toe in labels.

This is the illusion of image.

When trying to create your own identity and image do so for you. Be comfortable about what you are wearing, for you. Look inwards rather than out. Your style becomes an extension of your own personality. Should you dress to impress? Yes, but do so only for YOU, to make you happy.

Whether you are walking a catwalk in Milan, your local street in London or simply relaxing in your own home. How you decide your own image should be down to you, embrace who you are, as Run DMC says simply walk this way, style this way.

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