"If you keep on believing, the dream you wish will come true." Walt Disney

Updated: Jan 4

One of my greatest memories with my family involves a camping trip to France. This holiday stood out for me for many reasons, the main being we experienced and created wonderful memories that lasted. Memories that remind me, that happiness and laughter, really do work towards building a happily ever after.

A trip that sparked a little magic inside of me, that opened up my imagination and my own creativity, despite me being in my late twenties. For the highlight of that trip is we got to visit and experience, the wonders of Disneyland Paris, where I got to meet my favorite childhood Disney Characters.

As I walked up the long entrance towards the gates I felt like Cinderella herself, this girl was going to the ball, a real adventure awaited us, inside Walt Disney's World. My excitement was that of a child, its hard not to smile when you step into the land of magic and fairy tales. Every Disney character that you can imagine, lives in the chanted walls, alongside the little princesses and princes, who have come to make their wishes, the real beauty of imagination.

Their attention to detail was second to none, and made every single person who entered feel like a million to one. A memory that I will cherish forever, as I got to spend it with my mother. A lady who inspired me like Walt Disney, to keep believing in your dreams.

That despite the pain inside you might be feeling, there is always a reason to keep going, a sliver lining. At times I have felt like a real-life Cinderella, waiting for the magical shoe to appear in my life, so I could make a wish to end the pain, that I was feeling inside. One thing I have learnt is you don’t require a prince charming to change your life. Just a dream and a little belief in yourself. My life hasn’t always been perfect, much like Cinderella, but it certainly contained happy memories of almost pure magic and despite the pain and suffering I wouldn’t change a thing. It has lead me to where I am today, a new beginning.

Beginning my own journey, stepping out with a glass slipper on a brand-new adventure. My journey of happiness ever after. Well, it started with an idea and I am slowly working towards building my dream. A dream of running my own business that will also encourage others, young children, adults even the older generation that you are never too old to keep believing.

All it takes is an imagination and a single idea and……

if you keep believing, the dream that you wish will come true. Walt Disney

Love and Happiness

Charis x

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