More Blessed, Less Stressed

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There is so much uncertainty now regarding Covid 19 and this had led to many people feeling anxious, frightened, and nervous. Our lives have constantly changed over the last seven months and we are continuing to adapt to this new way of life, “The New Norm.”

These feelings of anxiousness are common when faced with difficult circumstances and the environment that we are in. During the height of the pandemic many of us experienced these feelings, through worry for our loved ones and the anticipation of the unknown. We felt stressed. What heightened these feelings even more so was the fact the situation was totally out of our control. These feelings are very real and can have a massive impact on a person’s life both mentally and physically.

Every person throughout their life will encounter stress. This can happen at any stage or time and can be brought on by an event or circumstances, and as with Covid 19, some of which you cannot control. There are two types of stress. One that is good for you and one that is not. Most of us have experienced mild stress with the feeling of excitement or adrenaline rushing through your veins. This can happen during work, a concert, a seminar, or moving to a new house. You are anxious but you are also excited at the same time. However, stress if not recognised can have a huge effect on a human’s life and unfortunately no human is immune.

My sister Julie has agreed to share her story with you in hope that it might help someone who is feeling the same. She was one of the frontline workers during the pandemic and every day she went to work, although she is mother of four children, two with special needs she did the right thing. During this time, my sister became terribly ill and her immune system became low. Her body was stressed and was trying to cope with her sickness. Her symptoms were of excruciating pain up her arms and legs, fatigue, and exhaustion. Flu like symptoms but with severe pain. She was tested for Covid 19 but it was negative. All she could do was rest.

Although she felt better, she had not fully recovered but had no option to return to work. Hindsight is wonderful thing if only it happens before. Any work environment during Covid 19 would have been stressful but when your immune system is already low your body is working harder to cope. Although her flu like symptoms had gone the pains in her legs and arms remained. In fact, they got worse. My sister is a strong lady so I know she is in pain when she tells you that she cannot bear the pain anymore. She endured and has suffered this pain for five months and has recently been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and will have to live and manage this pain for the rest of her life.

Her condition was brought on by stress. Stress caused through the illness, combined with her working environment throughout covid 19.

She wanted to share her story in hope that it might help someone in a similar situation or to recognise the importance of stress on our health. There is an old saying “Your health is your wealth” and these words are never truer in the world that we live in today. Take care of your mind and your body too. Do not feel guilty about putting you first. Your happiness is paramount to your own wellbeing and to your health. Remove yourself from situations or environments that bring you stress. We get many chances in life, but we only get one body to live it.

If there are lessons to be learnt from a pandemic it is the little things in life are what matters most.

Family, friends, laughter, kindness and love, the simple joys that make us smile more.

We should all be feeling more blessed and less stressed.

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