Hope and Glory

Updated: Feb 25

How do you define something that you can not touch, that you can not see but you can feel? There are words that would fit this, love, kindness, or compassion but only one can make another human not give up. Hope

How would you define hope?

It is a word that we use when faced with hard times, a word that is like both optimistic and positive that can be used in the same context but are also quite different. To be positive or optimistic you need to process your own thoughts. Hope is something that comes from our soul and from belief but also that we desire. A desire and belief so strong that you believe in something better. Hope gives you reason. A reason to continue. To not give up.

Without hope there is no reason. Without reason there is no hope.

Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness. Desmond Tutu

When you are in darkness and you look towards the stars and you see a glimmer of light, that is hope. That little glimmer is the light inside you when you are lost, when you are scared, and you want to give up. No matter how dark it may get there will always be that tiny bit of hope. Just enough glimmer to not let the light inside of you go out but to build your belief and to give you reason.

A glimmer of hope

Hope is a powerful word. A word that can fight diseases, unite men, and create futures. It can encourage the sick, strengthen the weak and bring joy to those in sadness. You can be sad and still feel hope. You can be rich or poor and still need hope. You can be realistic and still feel hope. Where there is reason there is hope.

“Everything that is done in this world is done by hope.” Martin Luther

Right now, more than ever we need hope to bring change, to bring guidance and stability for everyone. It is a word that is used more than any other in times of uncertainty and something that binds us all together for a better future. We are hopeful for a vaccine and for normality. We are hopeful that our planet can heal, and that our children and grandchildren can enjoy. We are hopeful that man can think better, can act better and do better. Not just for himself, but all humankind.

Do you need a reason? There is no reason stronger than life. Human life. Humanity is hopeful for a new tomorrow. A better tomorrow.

Where there is reason there is hope. Where there is hope there is reason.

There is no glory in watching another suffer, only hope for a better understanding, more compassion, more love. Hope for all mankind. Only then can we celebrate, together.

Hope and glory

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