Happiness has no age limit

When I was younger, I remember being asked the question “what would you like to be when you grow up?” and I am sure most of you have been asked the very same question. So, at what age do we grow up? At what age do we know what we want to be?” I know I still feel young at 47 and still do not have everything figured out but what I do know is what makes me happy, and that happiness has no age limit.

There are so many jobs today that age plays a factor. You have an expiry date. This is harsh but true. Footballers, athletes, dancers, models, all are affected by age. There is a limitation on your worth based on the limitation of your age. The natural process that happens to every single person on this earth. As you get older your body becomes wearier and slower and you are unable to do many tasks as you did before but like many people say daily “I might be 50 but I feel 30.” This is true. Your body is your vessel to be able to work but your mind remains young.

So, at what age should we grow up? With age comes wisdom. You have a deeper understanding of life and an appreciation of what makes you smile. Getting older is a luxury and something that should be embraced not disregarded. Some of the best creations in the world were not defined by age, the creator or inventors age was not prevalent. What was important was how much value it brought and how it impacted the consumers life. Anything wonderful usually has a positive impact. It touches our lives in a positive way.

So why don’t we apply the same theory to our own lives? Regardless of age, the number one factor in deciding what to do should be our own happiness. That is touches our lives in a positive way, after all happiness has no age limit.

Aged 47, I am doing just that. My age was not a factor in my decision to start my own business only what was going to make me happy. How blessed am I to be able to get up every morning and do the things I love? Imagine doing that for the rest of my life. Now imagine doing that for the rest of your life. That is the beauty of the mind, an idea can happen at any moment, at any age and at any stage of your life. Creativity has no limits just like happiness has no age limits.

With age still comes the opportunity to learn, to grow and to meet new people. You are never too old to reach out and make new contacts. People like you who have experience, have knowledge and are willing to share and give value. Jo Philips is a creative consultant who has all these values and I have the honor of being my business mentor and friend. I am privileged to gain her knowledge, to gain her experience but most of all I get to work with a person who is passionate and who cares.

Jo does question why we seem to ignore people say in the middle of their life? after all at 50 or 60 you are still vibrant alive and full of life experience. As a woman in her 50’s she is just starting a new branch in her career and feels that it is exactly because of her age she is able to do so. Maybe just maybe we can start to celebrate aging rather than just celebrating youth?

For passion does not age when you love what you do.

Jo is a creative consultant with over 35 years of experience across the fashion beauty retail and design sector. Jo works with building business DNA from the ground up. Starting with brand values and USP all the way to tone of voice to imagery and revenue streams. A wonderful person and an excellent business mentor.

You can contact Jo and step into her creative mind at

With age also comes opportunity. The opportunity to make you smile. For if I were asked the “what would you like to be when you grow up” question.

I would simply say to be happy. For happiness has no age limits.

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