Five songs to get your HAPPY on

When listening to music I am pretty much like Bridget Jones, I don’t care who is around, I get lost in the sound. Like Bridget, I love to kick back, grab a wooden spoon, and sing at the top of my lungs. This for me is what makes it fun. I am enjoying the song in its purest form.

It simply, makes me happy.

Music is a great way to motivate and invoke happiness in our everyday lives. With so many songs to choose from, I selected five songs that have motivated and inspired me. In essence, they have brought a little sunshine and positive vibes only to add to my day.

1. Happy (Pharrell Williams) 2013

A great pop song that automatically makes you feel good. The lyrics are upbeat and with Pharrell Williams singing and dancing, it’s almost impossible not to feel good. “Clap along if you think happiness, is the truth.” My favourite lyrics from the song, Pharrell is shouting, making happiness loud.

2. Three Little Birds (Bob Marley &The Wailers) 1977

This iconic song, written by Bob Marley, just makes me want to sing along to his sunny vocal lyrics. With its Caribbean tempo, the Reggae King brings to life this glorious track. One theory behind the title of the song is that it is about three female singers from his reggae group. Turn it up loud, and for today, don’t worry, everything little thing gonna be alright.

3. Walking on Sunshine (Katrina & The Waves) 1983

You know you feel good when you feel like you are walking on sunshine. A classic pop song that was written by Kimberley Rew, and by recorded by Katrina Leskanich, using her upbeat and happy vocals to create a feel-good hit.

4. Your Love Keeps lifting Me Higher and Higher (Jackie Wilson) 1967

This tune is 100% Soul, and it just makes your soul smile. Written by Gary Jackson, Raynard Miner and Carl Smith, and recorded by Jackie Wilson. I love the lyrics of this song and for me is what makes me connect to the track. I have felt a love that has lifted me higher, the unconditional love of my mother.

5. Lovely Day (Bill Withers) 1977

Whenever I hear this track, I think of positive vibes only. It’s hard not to smile with the beautifully written lyrics by Bill Withers and Skip Scarborough. The perfect tune to start your daily routine.

Five songs, that have transformed my inner happy. So, today, I am sending positive vibes only your way.

Love and happiness

Charis x

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