"Fearless, but with loving kindness."Jo Philips

Updated: Jan 7

Why would anyone require a branding strategist? My exact thoughts would have been the same if you had asked me that a year ago. Why would you not invest in the knowledge of someone, who can develop your brand, and help your business grow.

I am feeling extremely lucky, to have met Jo Phillips, a branding, strategist and creative director. Who has guided me and help put my business and brand in the right direction.

Jo has been incredible with me right from the beginning, taking the time to understand me. Why I started happiness by charis, and what inspires and motivates me. Little details that make difference when your building a brand around happiness, that are now incorporated, as my brand values.

When your in the business to build brands, you yourself must be a source of empowerment. That is how Jo would describe herself, fearless, but with loving kindness. Yes, she even got me to shed some tears, heartfelt emotion, right from the heart. The tears representing the all the hard word and dedication.

Why does ‘happiness by charis’ mean so much to me?

This business represents everything my mum empowered me to be.

Jo has continually pushed me to do better, sometimes adjusting our sails a little and injecting a creative spark. She has helped me turn my business ‘happiness by charis’ into a business that represents me. A business dedicated to my mother, and one that will hopefully motivate and inspire others.

Like Jo has done with me, by being fearless, but with loving kindness.

Love and happiness

Charis x

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