Every setback is a set up for a comeback

Updated: Feb 25

Right now, life is tough, people are struggling, and it feels like the whole world is having a major setback. So, if what we are experiencing now is a setback then what is to follow can only be better?

Setbacks happen for several reasons. We did not pay enough attention; we made an error or simply because the timing was wrong. Do these words sound familiar? Global warming, a pandemic, and poverty. All setbacks caused from human error, lack of care and ignorance to our fellow neighbour. These are heart wrenching truths, but I believe with any setback there comes an opportunity to improve, to make things better.

I am sure that throughout your life you will have encountered many setbacks along your journey. These setbacks at that very moment felt hard, tough, and frustrating. Emotions that we are all feeling, hard and tough on the mind and soul and frustrated at not being able to change the outcome. To change the outcome, you must first understand the problem. When you understand and evaluate the problem or situation you then become more self-aware, more empathetic, more driven. You are learning from the lesson. The biggest lesson called life. It might suck and hurt like hell, but you can then adjust to improve, to move forward.

“Never stop learning, because life never stops teaching.” Conor McGregor

When your perspective changes on how you see the world, you also view setbacks as a lesson. Someone who is a master at this is Conor McGregor. He is a man that is so driven by his passion that defeat is not an option. Yes, he has been beaten, he has been knocked down, but he always got back up. As for his recent fight he made an error; he underestimated his opponent and he lost. When this happens, Conor McGregor is humble and gracious enough to admit that they were better. He experienced a setback. Setbacks happens to all of us regardless of wealth, fame or who we are. They happen because that is life. What defines us is how we react to them.

Will Conor McGregor get back up? Of course, his mindset is that of a winner. Do winners get beat sometime? Yes, but they also come back and keep coming back too.

So please remember when you are feeling beaten, exhausted, and tired that it is a setback, you can overcome it too. Adjust your sails if you must but keep going. This little thing called life is trying to teach you something, pay attention, learn, and keep moving forward. This life might be hard at times, but it is also incredibly beautiful too.

At this very moment in time the setback of humankind has occurred, although not perfect man has the potential for tenderness, kindness, and compassion and it is up to every single one of us to learn from the lesson and help shape a better future, for our neighbour, our wildlife and for you.

"Every setback is setup for a comeback." Joel Osteen

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