Be happy for you

After a recent conversation with an excellent friend, he asked me what defines happiness from one person to another?

As a young adult, he wanted to know how one person could find happiness by having a glass of wine and another equally find joy by choosing to decline. From my own experience, I am at a stage where I have found happiness by choosing a lifestyle that I don’t need to drink to have fun, or because everyone else is doing so, I am happy within myself to now say no.

From experience, I have been in that situation of drinking and taking drugs to mask pain, just to feel better, and if I hadn’t asked myself the question, then it might have spiralled into something deeper.

What was my reason? When I stopped using drinks to hide my problems, I realized that I could be just as happy without them. I rediscovered who I was as a person. Somewhere along the way, I got lost; many contributing factors in my life had led me down this path. But my mental health and well-being were far more important, and those within my family and friend circle would understand when I had the courage to tell them.

I feel much happier for doing so, and If I can help others realize it is ok not to drink, not to take drugs, other things in life will bring you happiness. My friend asked me how I would go out with him and enjoy our day?

The answer was simple, as it was him who made me smile.

I have now found pleasure in the simple things in life. I choose happiness.

Having the opportunity to run my own business, write stories, and inspire others never to give up.

Love and Happiness

Charis x

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