Baby Steps to Happiness

Updated: Feb 24

Right now, people are having to cope with extreme negativity, it is surrounding us daily. We watch it on the news, when we talk to our friends and family and when we go to work. There are reminders daily that people are struggling, businesses are struggling to and we are facing hard times. So how do we remain positive in these circumstances?

Baby Steps

When you put one foot in front of the other you have an outcome, you begin to walk, gradually and slowly you build momentum. That is how positive thinking works also. Yes, you can be realistic to your circumstances, but that does not mean you cannot change your perception on the outcome. People have always told me that I am a positive person and my ability to do this has not just happened.

During some of the darkest days of my life it was my thinking that helped alter my ability to move forward. With baby steps. I choose to see things differently. I wanted to see the good and not the bad in every situation. There is an opportunity in every situation if we open our eyes to see it. Hence the expression being optimistic.

“If you say you can or you say you can’t you are right either way.” Henry Ford

There is nothing more painful in life than watching a loved one die but even during these dark moments there were times to be positive. Seeing a smile on my mother’s face, another day I got to spend with her, being together at Christmas, there was always something to remind us to be grateful and to keep my family and I thinking positively.

When put it into context? How would you rather spend your life? Waiting and focusing on bad things to happen or looking forward to the good things? I choose the latter. Regardless of what was happening in my life I decided to focus on the good. Yes, life can suck at times, but it is up to us in how we react.

“Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it.” Dennis P. Kimbro

Your reaction determines your day, your month, and your year. Baby steps moving forward until it becomes part of your life. Your thoughts become your words; your words become your actions. If you do not like something change it, if it does not help you grow then let it go. Being positive does not mean that you are naïve or weak it means you choose to see through a different lens. It will help you find solutions, change your perspective, and help you to look forward instead of back. After all you cannot go forward if your mind is stuck in reverse.

Rome was not built in a day and there will be days that test you, that is called being a human. We can feel, but each day is a new day to start over, a new opportunity to think differently. No one can run before they can walk but what you can do is move forward in the right direction with baby steps. The biggest impact that positive thinking will have, is on you.

Baby steps to Happiness

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