As good as it gets.

This must be one of my favourite movies. Jack Nicholson and Helen Hunt performances deserving of their Oscars.

This film has been wonderfully written, a heartwarming and funny story that contains wonderful moments and the endurance of the human spirit.

Jack Nicholson's character in the movie, despite his cold exterior has a gentle and warm approach with his badly beaten neighbor who is played by actor, Greg Kinnear. The beautiful connection he shared, with Helen Hunt who in the film, plays his girlfriend and waiter. As the story unfolds you can feel the wonderful bond that these three humans hold.

A story that reminds us, that despite the harsh cruelties that life can bring, there are daily reminders why we must never give in. The way 3 strangers came together to give hope to a human, which then gave him a source of inspiration. To remind him that there are many reasons to keep living, the tenderness shared, and the little victory wins.

Why are we constantly searching, when everything we need is right here, when we live in the present moment?