About Happiness by Charis

My mother was my first ever, best friend and an inspiration in my life.  A wonderfully happy person who taught me to ‘never give up’ on my dreams and always encouraged me ‘do what you love’.

Happiness by Charis is dedicated to her and represents everything she empowered me to be, Inspirational, loving, positive and strong.

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The things we value

Values are the reason I started Happiness by Charis and are what inspire me everyday to never give up, empower others and work towards keeping our planet a little happier and greener. 

A brand created to be proud of. One that inspires, motivates and invokes a feeling of happiness. 

The things that we value 

Be Happy- A brand that invokes a feeling of happiness and joy.

Be Proud - To create a sense of pride, happiness and well-being whilst wearing or gifting the happiness by charis brand.

Inspire - A brand that aligns with your daily affirmation in a fun, motivational and inspiring way.

Connect – A clothing brand that is uplifting and helps you to connect to your ‘happy’ tribe.

Ethical - To create a brand that works with suppliers who practice ethical and fair labour practices that prohibit anti-slavery or forced labour and human trafficking.

Environmental- As Happiness by Charis emits joy love and happiness, we also want to ensure we are kind and loving to the planet by working with our suppliers to create a caring but impactful environmental policy.